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Strive Your Satisfaction


            SAS Pharma Group  is an Egyptian company with an aims at investing in the pharmaceutical and health sector in Egypt, Middle East and North Africa. It focuses on providing high quality pharmaceutical products and medical devices  at reasonable prices through domestic production to support national economy and compensate for lack of many imported drugs, specially lately, and also through partnership with some international European and Asian companies that SAS Pharma Group is considered to be their exclusive agent in Egypt,  Middle East and North Africa, where SAS Pharma Group focuses on the so-called biotechnology  products which we badly need because there are no alternatives or equivalents to them in the Egyptian market. An instance is the products of the Portuguese company “Ceramed” that are used for neurological surgery as bone grafting. The company is also going to conclude contracts with the one of the biggest drug companies specialized in dermatological products as well as eye ophthalmic pharmaceutical products and another company specialized in CNS products.

            SAS Pharma Group is planning to have a chain of pharmacies of its own SPC in the near future (SAS Pharmacy Chain) throughout the Egyptian market so as to make it easy for patients to get the drugs they need using the most up-to-date technological used in the most advanced countries.